Excellent - eco-conscious holidays

As an excellent company, the Hotel Schwärzler is committed to the environment. A livable and healthy environment is not only a prerequisite for a flourishing tourism today, in addition, a contribution should be made to enable the following generations. That is why the Hotel Schwärzler uses the greatest possible number of sensible measures to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Climate Neutral Alliance 2025

As a member of the Vorarlberg Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025, we are continuously reducing our CO2 values ​​right up to climate neutrality.
We take responsibility for our CO2 emissions and support climate protection projects for afforestation, for the ecological generation of electricity from wind energy and biomass and help to stop the progressing deforestation.

The following measures are implemented at the Hotel Schwärzler:

  • Use of local and organic food.
  • Purchase of products that carry an environmental award (AMA seal of approval, Kulinarisches Erbe Vorarlberg).
  • Consideration of environmental topics in the design of leisure activities.
  • Reduction of traffic congestion by guests and employees with the help of information and corresponding offers.
  • Efficient use of energy and water.
  • Reduction of waste and emissions through conscious and regional purchasing, also at
  • Non-food products.
  • Waste separation and environmentally sound recovery of unavoidable waste.
  • Avoidance of water pollution by economical use of environmentally friendly detergents and cleaners.
  • Avoid polluting and hazardous substances during construction and renovation work.
  • Ongoing collection of data on consumption of energy, water, chemicals and waste volume. These data are used for internal operation optimization.
  • Motivation of employees in resource-saving and environmentally friendly behavior through regular training and opportunities to actively participate in the environmental program.
  • Information for new employees, guests and the public about environmental activities
Change the world together - small steps with a big impact
Even small contributions can save a lot of energy and resources. Join together to create a green world.

Charging station for electric cars

Since Schwärzler recognized the signs of the times early and is a founding member of the Climate Alliance in 2025, climate protection is a great affair of the heart. That's why we took it all in and built two charging stations for your electric car in front of the Hotel Schwärzler. So you can travel relaxed and environmentally friendly to Lake Constance and explore the beautiful seaside town of Bregenz and its surroundings - fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Equipped at the hotel entrance charging station with a plug Type 2 and a power of 11 kW, which charges your car in 2 hours. For questions, please contact us.