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Nothing big, nothing loud, rather something intimate, intended for a small circle of people, to whom reading means more than just processing information. At the center of interest will be a book. In the evening of the event, we will inform you, when our room Babenwohl turns into "Schwärzler's fine literary salon". Even who will present it, should remain our best kept secret. So much is already betrayed. It will be a book that has had a great impact on the life of our guest. Whereby we are not concerned with the noise of literary relevance, nor with the attraction of celebrities. It is important for us that you get to know a person, based on his experiences with reading that is important to him.

We would be pleased to receive you in the comforting state of curiosity. And with an appetite for a menu, which is served alternately with the lecture of our guest.

Susanne Denk

Dates: every Sunday from 18:00 clock
22.10.2017 | 03.12.2017 | 14.01.2018 | 04/03/2018

Costs: EUR 79.00 per person for aperitif, 4-course menu with wine accompaniment, mineral water, cafe, participation in the literary salon.
EUR 175.00 per person for overnight stay including breakfast buffet, aperitif, 4-course menu with wine accompaniment and participation in the literary salon


Wolfgang Mörth | Sunday, 16.10.2016

Schwärzler's fine literary salon

Albert Camus, The Case "Albert Camus is one of those authors and thinkers who showed me in my youth that there can and must be ethics outside religions. In his book The Fall, the search for such ethics is portrayed in a rousing manner, based on the fate of a doubting individual. "

Monika Helper | Sunday, 21.11.2016

Schwärzler's fine literary salon

The novel "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" by Carson Mccullers hits the middle of every book heart.

Meinrad Pichler | Sunday, 11.12.2016

Schwärzler's fine literary salon

Alex Capus, Skystriker

The Swiss author Alex Capus (* 1961) is a master of the biographical narrative.
Based on precisely researched persons and events, he designs exciting, exemplary literary biographies. The book "Himmelsstürmer" features twelve portraits showing unusual people from Switzerland. They are all on the lookout for self-realization, often on detours and detours. One marvels at the people and the human being.

Verena Konrad | Sunday, 15.01.2017

Schwärzler's fine literary salon

Arno Geiger, The old king in his exile

"Arno Geiger's" The old king in his exile "creates in his simplicity a powerful effect: how near / far are our loved ones to us? How does age change us? Familial relationships, the ongoing process of demolishing an individual from this network, dealing with illness and the end of life are the central motives that made this book so impressive for me. I read it before I came to Vorarlberg. Since I live here, I recognize situations, places and people that were so inaccessible to me. "

Michael Köhlmeier | Sunday, 12.02.2017

Schwärzler's fine literary salon

Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Can love be destroyed? The test case: In the middle of the end of the world, a father and his son walk through a ruined country, everything is in danger, morality no longer exists, man is the wolf of man. And behold: nothing can harm the love between father and son. This is what the novel "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy tells.

Raoul Scrap | Sunday, 19.03.2017

Schwärzler's fine literary salon

Jean Grenier, Les Îles

It's one of those books that you do not want to talk about too much, not to talk it out before you read it; I want to lure you with the void.

Schwärzler's fine literary salon

Schwärzler's fine literary salon

Günther Rösel | Sonntag, 14.1.18

Schwärzler's fine literary salon

Falling in love. Das kann einem auch mit einem Autor passieren. Aber was heißt schon Autor …?

FREUD. Der Name steht für sich. Ich habe Sigmund Freuds „Zeitgemäßes über Krieg und Tod“  mit 15 Jahren erstmals gelesen. Und dann den Briefwechsel mit Einstein. Vieles habe ich damals noch nicht verstanden, aber dieser Ton, diese Radikalität, diese Offenheit für Widersprüche, diese Feinheit des Denkens haben mich ergriffen.

Freud ist mir Mentor und innerer Freund geworden. Und geblieben.

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Schwärzler's fine literary salon

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